Do You Need a Pet Carrier for a Puppy?

Whether you are hiking with pets, on a gentle walk or about to board a train, a pet carrier might be a necessity for you. There are several reasons why you might choose one but do you really need a pet carrier for a puppy? Let’s find out…

You should use a pet carrier for your puppy to create a safe and secure environment when introducing them to the world. A pet carrier such as a K9 sport sack is a popular must-have pet accessory for dog owners which come in a variety of different styles from backpacks to carry-on fabric crates. They ensure your puppy can feel safe and secure when you first go outdoors with them.

Why Should You Use a Pet Carrier to Prevent Over Walking a Puppy?

Using a pet carrier for your puppy offers the opportunity for you to venture out and walk them in brief short stints. You can then carry your puppy to ensure they are not walking too much and this will keep them safe from any injuries which could cause long term problems.

As excited as you may be to take your puppy outdoors on adventures with you, over-exercising them may happen much easier than you think. Long walks can be damaging to a puppy in the long run and you don’t want this especially when they have such a long, fun life ahead of them with you. Damage to the growth plates, strains and sprains can occur. At such a young age this damage could be irreversible.

Can a Pet Carrier Help with Puppy Socialisation Issues?

A pet carrier will be a huge help when it comes to socialisation. How? If you want them to hear trains, planes, cars, motorbikes, see other puppies and cats, introduce them to horses, penguins and not be scared when a dustbin tumbles over in the wind then they need to know that these sounds and sights are safe. You don’t want them running around or potentially running away in these risky areas so a pet carrier will ensure they can experience all of this with the safety of being in your control.

When you first bring home a new puppy socialisation can be one of the most important parts of training a puppy. It can be more important than basic obedience training. You want to create positive experiences for them in their critical socialisation window. This is a brief period of time where you can introduce them to every sound, smell and event as possible so long as it is safe. These introductions will have long term ‘hopefully positive’ effects on their wellness for when they become an adult.

An unsolicited dog can be a huge problem later down the line and can cause both them and you to have an unhappy life so make sure you have a puppy carrier to make this possible.

Will a Pet Carrier Protect a Puppy from Bad Weather?

Snugglers and K9 sport sacks and carry on bags all have the potential to protect most of the body of a puppy when you are carrying them. Ideally, you will need a bag that is waterproof or at the least water-resistant.

A puppy might not enjoy being out in the rain so any pet carrier plus a small coat might make a big difference in keeping them safe and warm. When our puppy was tiny we were on holiday in the woods out the back of a manor house and a thunderstorm came out of the blue. Luckily we had a pet carrier and it certainly helped keep our puppy feeling more secure than not having one as we raced back for cover indoors!

Can I Use a Pet Carrier to take my Puppy Outdoors before Vaccinations?

A pet carrier will provide an opportunity for pets to see the world and roam prior to getting their vaccinations which they sometimes need to briefly wait for. So long as your pets don’t get to areas such as the floor outdoors, or other pets or areas of risk for infection then they can join you on a walk-in a pet carrier.

Many people especially the kids will want to take their new puppy outdoors to play with everyone and introduce them to the world. Unfortunately, they need some core vaccinations to keep them protected because meeting dogs and roaming parks will expose them to many potential infections from disease-causing agents.

In Conclusion

To conclude, a puppy will be far happier and have far more opportunities whilst staying safe if they are within some kind of pet carrier when you go outdoors. You will be able to socialise with them, meet other people, enjoy the fresh air and start your travels together from a young age so long as you follow the tips we have outlined in this article.

Stay safe and enjoy travelling with your pets!

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