Dogs & Travel Sickness

Can I Give my Dog Human Travel Sickness Tablets?

For some dogs, taking a car ride can be exciting. New people and places along with catching a breeze outside the window can put a pup on canine cloud nine. But, if your dog suffers from motion sickness, it can make car rides a less than desirable experience. If this is your situation, you may ask, “Can I give my dog human travel sickness tablets?”

Although it’s advisable that you get a prescription from the vet for your dog’s motion sickness, you can give your pooch certain human travel sickness tablets too. That said, it will depend on what the medication is and its level of strength. So, dosages will differ.

This can be incredibly handy when you run out of or forget a prescription medication. If you’re in doubt about the safety of what you have, contact a veterinarian to ask.

How Do I Know My Dog Has Motion Sickness?

Whining, nausea, panting, profuse drooling and signs of dizziness are all indicators that your furry friend is experiencing motion sickness. Pacing, lethargy and diarrhea are also symptoms.

What’s happening is the inner ears are trying to compensate for the balance of motion but the eyes don’t detect it. It’s these two conflicting sensations that bring on a sense of sickness. What’s more, since puppies aren’t yet fully mature, they tend to experience motion sickness easier than older dogs.

Is It Safe for Dogs to Have Human Travel Sickness Tablets?

Human travel sickness tablets can be a lifesaver for your dog in a pinch. Even if you don’t have some on hand, you can stop at a pharmacy or gas station. You can administer these to your dog without worry.

How Does Human Travel Sickness Tablets Help Motion Sickness in Dogs?

Anti-nausea meds are also antihistamines. These work to inhibit the mismatched sensation of what’s going on with the inner ears versus the visual presentation. This will also make your dog drowsy, so it may be an added benefit if your dog also suffers from travel anxiety.

What Human Travel Sickness Tablets Are Best for Dogs?

There are several options for travel sickness tablets, but you will have to lower the dosage than indicated on the instructions. Dogs don’t require as much as people. Ideally, you want to give a med to you pup about 30 minutes to one hour before getting on the road.

  • Dramamine or Gravol: four to eight milligrams per kilogram (or 2.20 pounds) of your dog’s weight; three times per day
  • Benadryl: two to four milligrams per kilogram of weight; two to three times per day
  • Antivert or Bonine: two to six milligrams per kilogram of weight; once per day.

Our Recommendation would be pet specific travel tablets:

Where Can I Buy Pet Travel Sickness Tablets?

You can buy them here for just £3.99.


Some puppies simply can’t handle the motion of being in a car. So, giving your dog anti-nausea medicine can make the ride a much more enjoyable and easy experience for the both of you. Again, when in doubt about dosage, contact a veterinarian for help and recommendations.

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