Can I Put My Dog in My Hot Tub?

Nothing is more enjoyable than taking a dip in the hot tub after a long and stressful day. The warm water is the perfect way to relax. It would be even better if you could bring your dog in the hot tub with you. Unfortunately, hot tubs are not dog friendly.

The heat from hot tubs can become dangerous for a dog. If you want to spend time in the hot tub with your dog, you will need to make your hot tub dog-friendly by lowering temperatures. Creating a dog-friendly hot tub also means avoiding harmful chemicals like chlorine.

To spend time with your dog in hot tubs, you may also consider visiting dog-friendly lodges with hot tubs. Some lodges have specialty pet centers that provide massages and unique pampering opportunities for you and your pup. These lodges make all spa treatments safe for your pup, so you never need to worry about their safety -relax beside your best bud!

Can I Put My Dog in My Hot Tub?

Hot tubs are great for humans, but they can be dangerous for dogs because of the high heat. Dogs cannot handle high temperatures in the same way that humans can. So, if you want to spend time in the hot tub with your dog, you will need to lower the temperature of your hot tub and create more of a “warm tub.”

Generally, a hot tub stays around 102 degrees which is too hot for the average dog. Lower the temperature of your hot tub to around 90 degrees to accommodate your dog’s needs. 

Depending on where you live, you may require a lower temperature. For instance, states with high year-round temperatures like Texas or Arizona will require a lower temperature. 

Always supervise your dog while in the hot tub, and never let your dog go into the hot tub alone, even if it is only for a few minutes. Dangerous things can happen while unsupervised. 

How Do I Protect My Dog from a Hot Tub?

Make a hot tub pet-friendly by lowering the temperature of your hot tub. Keeping a hot tub at low temperatures is the safest way to protect your pup. Avoid using harmful chemicals like chlorine, so your dog does not develop skin irritation. 

When using chlorine water, always bathe your dog afterward. Baths guarantee your dog does not get skin irritation.

Is Hot Water Bad for Dogs?

When water becomes too hot, it isn’t good for dogs. The main reason hot water is bad for dogs is that they cannot regulate their body temperature.

Dogs cannot sweat when they are hot. When dogs sit in a hot tub, they do not feel the same relaxing feeling humans do. Hot water can lead to overheating, which is hazardous and can be fatal.

Can Dogs Go in Swimming Pools?

Dogs can swim in pools, but you should always be mindful of letting them swim in chlorinated water. Chlorinated water can cause skin and eye irritation.

Discourage gulping dogs from swimming in pools. Avoid playing fetch with your dog if your dog drinks water while swimming. 

Swimming in the pool with large dogs can be dangerous for young children. Young children who are learning to swim can easily get swept under the paws of large dogs. Watch where you throw dog toys and instruct children not to swim too close to dogs! 

Is Chlorine Bad for Dogs?

Chlorine can be harmful to your dog’s skin and eyes, but drinking chlorine water is not a major cause for concern. Dogs will grow irritated and uncomfortable after developing skin problems. Wash your dog off any time after taking a dip in chlorinated water with your dog.

Chlorinated water can be dangerous to dogs if they are known to drink water while swimming. Drinking water while swimming around is a common dog behavior, especially when they fetch things in the pool. 

Ingesting chlorinated water can cause minor medical problems. Drinking chlorine water is not generally cause major medical concerns unless it ingests large amounts. In many cases, it will only lead to gastral intestinal issues.

Are Hot Tub Chemicals Dangerous to Dogs?

Several hot tub chemicals are dangerous to dogs, like chlorine, one of the most common chemicals used for hot tubs. It can dry a dog’s skin out and cause severe irritation, but it is not fatal.

If you store cleaning chemicals like bleach near your hot tub, your dog runs the risk of getting into them. Unless specified otherwise, cleaning products should be assumed to be dangerous to consume.


Before taking a dip in the hot tub with your canine companion, consider the health complications it can cause them. Chlorine can cause your beloved pup skin and eye irritation. Even worse, the inhalation of chlorine is toxic and can be lethal to your dog in large amounts.

To make a pet-friendly hot tub, turn the temperature of your hot tub down. Hot tubs are often too hot for dogs. Because they have no way of cooling themselves down, the high heat can be extremely dangerous. Turning the temperature down to around ninety degrees can accommodate a dog’s needs.

Making your hot tub dog friendly is the best way to spend time with your dog at the end of a long day. Before letting your dog into your hot tub, ask yourself, is my hot tub dog friendly? 

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